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Wes Singleton

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Friday, February 4, 2011

The Roomate - D

Rated PG-13 for violence and menace, sexual content, some language and partying, 93 minutes

You'll want to get rid of this dull, lazy "Roommate"

There's a good reason why I've never had a roommate, there are just too many issues with more than one person sharing a living space. "The Roommate" is one of the new year's worst films, a dull, predictable and unoriginal thriller that obviously fell apart in the editing room. It also wastes a few young talented stars in its wake, who won't want to add it to their cinematic resume.

University of Los Angeles freshman Sara (Minka Kelly) is randomly assigned a roommate for her first semester of college, the unassuming Rebecca (Leighton Meester). However, Rebecca turns out to be a disturubed psychotic as she obsesses over every aspect of Sara's life, relentlessly stalking her, leading to tragic results.

You can probably guess how the awful "The Roommate" turns out in the end, just by viewing the trailers for the film, and it isn't pretty, in more ways than one. Choppy, cheap and badly acted, it's unfortunately one of the first feature films from Danish director Christian E. Christiansen, he takes it down a path that all these types of films, geared toward the younger set, tend to go.

"Gossip Girl's" Meester has fun with the villain role but can't do anything about the fact that most of it isn't that scary; as the nice girl, "Friday Night Lights" Kelly is wasted, as is most of the rest of the cast (yes that's Billy Zane, with obviously nothing to do but dreck such as this). Fires are set, people are killed, even belly button rings are ripped out, but above all, the boring, dull "Roomate" is just a waste of time. Don't bother.